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ICS Security Training

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Project Description

It’s been quiet long journey for the ICS Security Training series that held by Fedco. Since the first training back on 2012, called “ICS Security Essentials” and now we have the default grand design for the ICS Security training standard, called “ICS Cyber Security Management System”. This training has broad and depth content in one package, combine the four (4) engineering disciplines in one platform: IT Engineering, ICS Engineering, IT Security Engineering and ICS Security Engineering. It is been hard journey at the beginning to market this type of training since majority of the related professionals in Oil & Gas industry in Indonesia do not have good awareness and proper knowledge regarding ICS security. Now we are still providing the ICS Security Training series, with 3 optional courses as the continuing education on top of the ICS Cyber Security Management System training. We hope that all the participants¬†can get worthwhile things to be brought to the office, and implement the ICS security within their respective organization.

Project Details

  • DatePeriod 2012 - Now