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Project Description

RMS – Restaurant Management System is a web based platform that can be running on multi platform by using web browser. This application has the core function to manage the whole activities in restaurant operations:

1. Starting from inventory management (to cover all products and raw materials procurement that have direct impact to the menu listing that offered to the customer)

2. The three core entities in the daily restaurant activities – Waitress, Chef and Cashier. These platforms can handle the customer orders dynamically with the seamless and real time integration between those three entities. The order management, cooking process and settle payment already included in one package. Basically by using the three modules above the restaurant customer order management can be managed better

3. The last module is the accounting part. This part of module has the main function as revenue and profit calculation and record database. The trending of all ordered products can be explored as well in order to strategize the better menu order that will suit the seasonal approach of the customers.

The demo version is available per request with default theme as standard interface. The design layout and interface custom are available for commercial use as per the specific agreement. We can make fully custom design and modules to align with the specific request from the client.

The further development of the RMS application is to build an cross platform application with native apps approach into each segment: mobile, desktop and web, in order to optimize the interface experience of the daily usage.

Project Details

  • DatePeriod 2012 - 2013